The Stone Arches

Above the stone arches, we usually see a lot of patterns that are not sculpted in pieces and have their own specific meaning. First of all, what we think of is the dragon and phoenix of the stone carving arch. If we see the stone carving arch of dragon and phoenix, then it must have a close relationship with the royal family, because the dragon is the king of the beast, and the emperor is also called As the Emperor of the true dragon, in ancient times in China, it was a symbol of supremacy. The phoenix is ​​the queen of hundred birds. In ancient China, it was often used as a symbol of the queen’s noble status. There are also bat patterns. Since ancient times, our country has a homonym word, and the bat is a homonym with the word of blessing, so it is a symbol of good luck and happiness. People often use five bats to form a pattern and sculpt in the stone archway. Among them, they represent the five kinds of God-blessed blessings: health, longevity, wealth, peace, prosperity of people, and fullness of children and grandchildren. In the eyes of many people in modern times, the stone carving arch is not only a kind of decoration, but also a heritage of a concrete kind of Chinese ancient culture. It also uses a lot of knowledge in a stone archway. . In ancient times of China, especially in the feudal society, the stone carving arch was built to honor meritorious service, department, merit, and loyalty, and most of them are mainly stone sculptures. Some of the temples are also on their own gates, and others are used to indicate place names. These are historical and cultural spreads, and the stone archway is the best among these archways. The difference between the stone archway and the stone archway and their role, the archway is also known as the archway, is the memorial structure of the portal style, is the promotion of feudal rituals, advertised merit and use. Many villages in ancient China are also used to use the archway as their own gate. With the development of society, although the place where we live now is already a community unit, in many places or unique villages or ancient towns, we can still see the existence of the archway.

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